Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Add Clickable Attachments and Links to emails in Yahoo on Windows 10?

The Windows 10 Mail App can manage more than one account from a single interface. If you are facing difficulties in inserting clickable photos, links, attachments. Then follow this procedure to customize emails on Windows 10.

Open your Windows Mail App:

1. Click on + New Mail button. It will open an email composition window for you
2. Click on Format menu>> Arrow shape icon next to U.
3. It will enable text formatting option on your mail
4. Click on that small arrow shown in front of the ‘Headings menu’ in order to access Paragraph Formatting options:
5. The small Arrow next to Headings menu enables Paragraph formatting
6. The last menu customizes Text heading, Titles and Reference etc.
7. To add Attachments and Emails, Click on Insert menu
8. Click on Attach to attach a document or file to your email message
9. Click Table to customize tables. Click Link Menu to insert clickable URL. Click Picture Menu to insert images  

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